Quick Post: Shoes, Gear and Cool Tools That Help Me Recover

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Final exams are on the horizon for me, and the stress is ramping up very…very quickly. That being said, I still wanted to get a second post out this week for all of you awesome people who take the time to read this website.

Something I’ve always been passionate about is gear and equipment. I like “things”, especially when those things are beneficial from a utility standpoint.  Clothes, shoes, tech, you name it, I’m a sucker for a good product that can serve some type of purpose in my day to day and health and fitness life.

If you were to look in my Amazon cart right now you would probably find over 30 items that I’m either contemplating, researching or saving up money for. These items range from common things like books to more fringe stuff like beetroot extract powder and blue light blocking glasses.

Which leads me into the topic of today’s article: Shoes, Gear and Cool Tools that Help You Recover. I am going to compile a quick list of things I love and use almost every single day for fitness, recovery and more. You can get all of these items on Amazon, so I’ve provided links for each (highlighted in red).


Trail Running Shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Runners 

Imagine if your feet had teeth…or if you had long talons like a velociraptor. These shoes embody that description. These are by far my favorite pair of shoes I have ever owned and they are absolute beasts on the trail. They are also water/dirt/mud/everything proof so you can get them wet without even thinking twice about it since they’ll be dry in a few short hours.

Weightlifting Shoes: Adidas Adipower Lifting Shoes

If you do any type of Olympic lifting or even just squat regularly I recommend these shoes. The heel helps to improve your depth while squatting, and the sturdy construction of the shoe makes lifting safer and more efficient compared to conventional foam/rubber shoes which rob you of a lot of the force you produce.


In this video, I’m wearing the Adidas Adipower’s.

Also, check these out for less of a heel (better suited for powerlifting): Adidas Performance Powerlift Trainer

All-around workout shoes: Nike Metcon’s

Trust me, these are great for just about anything… except longer distance running. Weightlifting, HIIT circuits and walking to the water fountain are a piece of cake with these shoes. Nike really constructed a great shoe with its Metcon series, and whether you pick the 1’s, 2’s or 3’s you will get a great shoe. I personally wear Nike Metcon 2’s in black/white camo.



Most people have a love-hate relationship with recovery tools. They work magic, but you have to be willing to go through a little pain to get the benefits. Listed below are some of my favorite tools to use for tissue work and body maintenance.

Muscle Massage StickflossstickMuscle massage sticks are essentially the same as foam rollers but give you greater control over the pressure applied, and can help you reach areas that are difficult for normal foam rollers to hit.

Rumble Roller

rumbleLove them or hate them, foam rollers are essential to a proper recovery routine. Rumble rollers add spikes into the mix for increased poking and prodding of your muscles. gg


minibandsMini-bands have a variety of uses, which is why they are a great tool to have in your gym bag. I use them for PNF stretching, resisted warmup movements like band hip walks and added resistance on some lifts like RDL’s.

Lacrosse ball (for massaging feet)

laxfeetOnce you try this you’ll be addicted. Rolling the lacrosse ball on the sole of your foot loosens up tension in your arch and surrounding areas. You will feel the release of tension almost immediately.

Corgeous ball 

Coregeous-Final-2The corgeous ball is a lesser-known recovery tool that you use to massage and roll out your abdominal muscles. You essentially just place the ball on various areas of your stomach and lay on it while rotating and twisting.  Similar to the lacrosse ball, the corgeous ball provides relief from a lot of tension in a muscle group that is so important (your core) yet often ignored.


Thick Bar Grips

These things are great. They are small enough to carry in your gym bag and powerful enough to destroy your grip in just a few sets. You simply wrap the grip on to a barbell, or dumbbell and proceed to do whatever you were planning on…its just a lot more difficult. Grip work is an often overlooked part of training, but with these things, you can change that.

That’s going to be it for this post. If my workload allows I’m going to try and post another article this week about my recent experience participating in a dehydration research study. Until then, thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below!

Tell me about your favorite workout gear and recovery tools.

Have questions about a specific item on the list?

What must have items do you keep in your gym bag?

Keep persuing excellence,


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